Exciting news: the international release of Jye Bryant's new book, Writing & Staging A New Musical: A Handbook

After 65 performances across 11 highly successful international seasons (including National Theatre of Parramatta, Chicago (USA), Northwestern State University of Louisiana (USA), County Cork (IE), Belfast (UK) & Newry (UK)), Jye's musical, The Things I Could Never Tell Steven, continues to be performed worldwide!

One of Jye's newest musical creations, CAPTAIN MOONLITE, the fascinating true story of Andrew George Scott (based on the Death Cell Letters of A.G. Scott) premiered at Redcliffe Musical Theatre (QLD) (21-30th August, 2020) and has just completed a post-premiere season rewrite where it will return to the stage in it's Sydney premiere at Richmond Players in August 2023! Licensing is available.

Jye is also currently working on the new Australian musical, True Blue, (as seen on SBS's Our African Roots) with Maxine Appel-Cohen and Don Battee, about Jye's famous convict ancestor, Billy Blue who was born to escaped African American slaves in Long Island, New York. He ended up in England after the American War of Independence before stealing sugar and being sent to New South Wales in 1801. Stay tuned to learn more about this quirky character of colonial Sydney!

True Blue - A New Australian Musical

Currently in development. Book & Script by Maxine Appel-Cohen & Don Battee, with Music & Lyrics by Jye Bryant.

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