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The Sun Herald

Sunday 8th November, 2020

Parra News

Tuesday 3rd November, 2020

Western Weekender

Friday February 5th, 2019

Western Weekender

Wednesday 27th January, 2016

Western Weekender

Friday 27th November, 2015

Sharing Steven's Secrets,

Penrith Press,

Tuesday November 17, 2015

Brooke set to shine in new stage show,

Hawkesbury Courier,

Thursday October 15, 2015

Slide makes cabaret history,

The Western Weekender,

Friday 10th January, 2014

Velveteen Rabbit in real life,

The Western Weekender,

Friday December 6, 2013

Composer's social passion,

Penrith Star,

Thursday August 8, 2013

Cosy night in cabaret,

Showcase for Penrith teacher,

Penrith Press,

Tuesday October 2, 2012

Plenty of Frills Promised,

Penrith Press,

Friday, July 11, 2008

Penrith's PFLAG playwright,

Sydney Star Observer,

Thursday February 22, 2007

When Jye-ful Tears can send positive messages,

The Glebe,

Thursday February 22, 2007

Jye saving a spot for the PM,

Penrith Press,

Tuesday February 13, 2007

Jye's totally Pan-tastic tunes,

Penrith Press,

Tuesday November 28th, 2006

Music to his ears,

Penrith City Star,

Tuesday November 22, 2005

A charming pursuit,

Penrith Press,

Friday November 18th, 2005

Scoring a name,

Mt Druitt & St Marys Star,

Tuesday November 15, 2005

Jye pens beautiful musical,

Penrith Press,

Friday November 19, 2004